Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lace stockings

I'm going to enjoy showing off my bare legs as long as I can, but for those of you who are already planning your wardrobe for fall/winter, here's a look I quite enjoy for work...and you may too:


Laurel said...

I love textured/patterned tights - oh my goodness! Where are you getting yours from? I need recommendations - gotta pre-plan for fall! :)So exciting!

Thank you so much for being so wonderful about the VMagazine/Supreme search, seriously. I want August 1st to get here!

Hope you're well, lover!

Belowen said...

I missed you!!!!!!!! Those lace stockings are seeeeexy! xoxox

Belowen said...

Well if you're O type, you should be eating lots of meat! lol. So there goes you wanting to give meat a miss! lol. You should also cutout wheat and most other grains. But I would suggest reading the book to see if it interests you before embarking on anything! It would be great to have someone to do it with though, my fiance doesn't want to do it because he eats soooo much meat (he's hungarian, not sure if that's part of it, lol) and he's the same blood type as me - and should be a vegetarian! lol.

Jenny Cindy said...

I like the last ones!