Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My baby's birthday!!!

My little girl is 1 today!!!

She's really lucky to have been born on Canada Day, which means she'll never have to go to school or work on her birthday! She was born at 11:47pm...almost didn't make it, but mommy was determined that she be born before midnight, so when I saw the time, I did my best :)

I've been really busy planning her party, and now it's 11am and almost everything is ready. I'm exhausted, but loving every minute.
It's time to go get ready and try my best to look fabulous before the guests arrive!
Please send me your positive vibes so that everything runs smoothly :)

Take care everyone <3


annabananna said...

here come tons of positive vibes! and congrats to your little girl!

we wear things said...

happy birthday to your little girl!! hope it turned out fabulous!

just came by your blog and it's fantastic! i'm new to the fashion blog world.. so i've been scoping out everyone's blog.. hopefully you can stop by when you have time!


Ida said...

Happy birthday to your little treasure. I so love little girls. If I lived closer, I'd be so happy to help with the party and all, honestly. Have fun!


Happy Birthday to your little girl, aw! ♥
Thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

that does sound like a really good deal she got! lol. never having to take off or plan ahead for her birthday. =) good vibes!

Siljesfashion said...

Happy B day! Hope everything goes well. You are such a stylish mummy, so I imagine that will be no problem!

emily said...

happy belated birthday to her!

MR style said...

oh happy b'day to your daughter !! and dress her as a punkstar with dreadlocks !! it's so funny dressin kids !!! hehehehehe :)

Times of Glory said...

Darling, happy belated birthday to your precious one! I have been just so busy these days, and sorry for the late reply! How sweet is that she has been born on Canada Day!

Wowwwwwww, you are such a GREAT mum! You managed to give birth to her before midnight... that's the GREATEST thing you could have done for her birthday xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Belowen said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to your beautiful little princess! <333