Sunday, August 10, 2008

Black lace

I can see how this look could go really wrong, but of course these ladies did it just right (whether on a dress, top or stockings,which I MUST still get). I have a black lace dress from H&M that looks like Louise's below...and I also have a black lace clutch which I should be able to incorporate into some evening looks. How would/will you wear black lace?


^Nathalie Modevarld

^Make it work


^Fahrmans Mode


^Louise shot by Garance Dore


^Because I'm addicted

^Childhood Flames


camille said...

thanks for the feature! :D
i definitely need to invest in some more lace items for the fall...

annabananna said...

wow, thanks so much for the shout-out! i feel kinda small between all those stylish ladies :)

Lena said...

Thank you so much for featuring me here! I always say this, but I mean it: You're such a sweetheart!

I love the other looks here as well. Esp. the dress that Rumi has. I want one like that really bad!

entirely official said...

I like the way elenita and childhood flames work the lace.thanks for the inspiration

Jenny Cindy said...

Oh wow, thanks for featuring me.
I'm obsessed with lace at the moment. I saw the most perfect lace dress in Zara yesterday, reaally pretty.

Mel said...

loving all the inspirations. so obsessed with lace atm, it's love x

Morbeline said...

Oh, nice inspiration!

Laces should be worn with as simple clothes as possible in my eyes, but with the focus on being 'sweet' and 'vintage' so it wont be tacky :)