Thursday, August 21, 2008

This one goes out to all my fans...

...yup, that's you B!

Thanks for your was getting pretty lonely on this end ;)

You asked: Do you find that your taste in home decor/interior design is similar to what you dress yourself in?

Well...yes and no: my home decor "style" is very minimal, and the palette consists mainly of black, white, red and dark brown (wood). I do tend to dress in a minimal fashion (not many accessories and not much layering), and funny enough I noticed yesterday on the way to work that I was wearing black pants, a white pinstriped shirt, black vest, and RED sunglasses LOL... and driving my red car.

But I don't want you to think I'm weird and ONLY wear the colours I have in my house. You can see from the (limited) pictures I have here of my outfits that I like wearing various colours and patterns. In fact, although I always think of red as my favourite colour, I rarely wear it, and when I do it is usually in accessories (shoes, belts, purses and sunglasses)

Until I got married and bought my house I had no idea what I would one day like my home to look like. I started off buying many pieces of furniture that I wasn't particularly in love with, but slowly I've discovered that I gravitate towards mid-century modern and contemporary decor, with a few eccentric pieces thrown in. I've always thought that I dress in a modern fashion, liking to keep up with trends (or at least knowing what they are) and sometimes taking risks, although they seem to be fewer and fewer as I get older).

This is my favourite home decor magazine: DWELL

What about you? What's your favourite home decor style? Do you have a favourite interior design magazine or website you'd like to share with me?


R.M. said...

I started off really liking modern and contemporary styles, and over the years gravitated towards a more cottage bohemian look. My favorite decorating magazines are Domino, Country Home, Country Living, Elle Decor, and Martha Stewart, of course. *hehe* I like Dwell as well, but sometimes their homes feel cold and dormant... I like homes that look cozy, lived in, and very welcoming.

Belowen said...

My personal style (clothing wise) is quite feminine but at the same time very basic - and that is definately reflected in my interior decorating style too... I've developed a love for french country furniture also!