Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shiny legs

I own a pair of black lame leggings...but haven't worn them once. These ladies are at least one up on me:


^Susie as captured by Garance Dore

^Style Slicker

^Style Scrapbook


^Vanilla Scented


^My Daily Style

^Random Thoughts of a Delusional Mind

^Fashion Toast


^Luxenoir as captured by Hoy

^Fruchtzwerg's Island

^Fashion Pariah

^Emma Nygren

^Elin Kling

^Rantings of a Fashion Addict

^Because I'm Addicted


^Fashion Fillers


♥ Marta ♥ said...

I have yet to buy any pair of leggings I just feel so naked in them. I do how the shiny ones look but I would never dare to wear them :)

P.S. awesome blog :)

Paul Pincus said...

really terrific post!


check out alex da corte's work!!! you'll love him.

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i love my shiny leggings so much i have to keep myself from wearing them everyday.

Fruchtzwerg said...

wow, thanks a lot for including me in this post. I felt very honoured!

ANDY said...

Thank you for adding me in the post, you are a star..


Maria said...

Mimi :) Thanks for including me in the post! You just made me smile! :D

glory said...

hi, i just discovered you blog today, and i love it, grate seleccion of pictures... do you want to exchange links??? i`m addionyo now .... kisses

Andromeda said...


Mireia* said...

I love them. Very comfortable for me now...

Mimi said...

Love this look!still searching for the perfect ones though.

Jessie77 said...

very cool site! thanks for including me!!