Sunday, November 2, 2008

Horizontal slits on jeans





^Stockholm Streetstyle



^Engla's Showroom


Mimi said...

Sometimes I like them sometimes I don't. Guess I wouldn't wear them.

geri said...

i really want to diy these!!

Andromeda said...

I'm not sure about this either.
I did this to a pair of skinny pants last night but I dont know if I'll ever wear them.

(not to mention what my mother would say, haha)

Anonymous said...

Do you realize that the of them are wearing the same exact pants. the slits are exactly the same.

Mimi said...

anonymous: Yes, I think they're Topshop jeans

clairegrenade said...

i especially love the ripped look on black denim, it just brings a whole other persona to the outfit

love,love,love the look!

erika said...

i looooove the ripped look on black leggings/denim/pants! erin makes them look so classY!

ugh i love ur blog.

Anonymous said...

Definetley liking these.

Anonymous said...

they look amazing! any tips on DIY? im chicken haha. love your blog!