Monday, November 24, 2008

(Faux) Fur Coats

My mom just passed her rabbit fur coat down to fits perfectly and it only took me dropping a couple of hints hehe ;)

Here are some gorgeous ladies wearing (faux?) fur:

^Style Scrapbook

^Sea of Shoes

^The Glamourai

^Oslo Nights


^Engla's Showroom

^Fashion Squad

^Emma Nygren



^Stockholm Streetstyle


Anonymous said...

you always track down the greates blog and feature them here.

you're grrrrreat

i'm not sure if i can pull off a bulky (fake)fur coat. i need to so small does like a fur collar. i'm now looking for one but coloing is key for me.

Taghrid said...

you just reminded me i need to get me a great faux fur coat!~

kim said...

Only one word: Lovely!


faux fur coats: supadupa fierce

love your sourcing!

Anonymous said...

i love fake fur, im gonna have to break out my leopard one!

Linnéa said...

so many great styles <3

Mad Hatter said...

all of these are nice, thanks

Siljesfashion said...

Great pictures! lOVE my faux ones as well!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

oh yay for you getting your mom's fur! would love to see pics of u in it.

Maria said...

this post is amazing. oh I love how fur makes every outfit look chic!

gilty pleasure said...

fur coats will always be a timeless piece....