Monday, November 10, 2008

Black-framed glasses

^That's Just My Vibe



^Because I'm Addicted

^Une Pilule


^Fahrman's Mode

^Childhood Flames


erika said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!! i love that trend but never jumped on it. i think the next trends u should do are.... fur, shredded shirts, studded anythings, mens shirts as dresses... hahaha so many ideas. i just love ur blog!!!!!

Jenn said...

Love these glasses! It's so fun to see how everyone wears them differently!

la mode est dans le ciel said...

i remember sporting these 10 years ago, with grey contacts, and a black tulle skirt over my jeans. pretty sure i thought i was ahead of my time.

every time i wear them now, i think: maybe you were, kym, maybe you were.

Mimi said...

Erika: Thanks for the suggestions...I already did some fur and studs, but there's so much out there that I really should revisit those trends!

Jenn: I wore this look only once with my friend's glasses - I thought I looked hot sporting the librarian look LOL

La mode est dans le ciel: Sounds like u were, Kym, sounds like u were :)

Nina (femme rationale) said...

O.M.G. i have been searching high and low for the past 2 months looking for perfect black frames. i can't find any that look good on me or they're uncomfortable. sigh...oh well, i just need to keep looking i guess.

Andromeda said...

awww, thanks darling for putting me here.

jaleh said...

i love the new glasses trend. i don't think i could ever pull it off, but you picked some really good examples.

Mimi said...

I love this nerdi touch the glasses add.Mine are from urban outfitters.

Anonymous said...

i dont think i could pull these off but i think these girls look great!

Anonymous said...

Where can i find this type of glasses? In love with it now!!!