Friday, May 2, 2008

My latest acquisitions

I'm addicted to a few websites - there I admitted it!
Among them are: Fashion Toast (that girl's got great wit); The fashion spot; ebay and my newest one: forever21!!! I check these daily, if not more. My wishlist at Forever21 was getting huge, so I decided to actually buy some items :) makes sense right?
Here they are:

^unfortunately I didn't realize it was so I'll have to buy something to wear under it...

^this one is for when I go back to work

^I love this style of top - if they had it in black I would have copped it too hehe

^I've been looking for a belt like this for a while, and I can't believe I got it for so cheap HURRAYY!!! Now I need to control myself and not get it in black and white...wish me luck with that

^I realized I really needed work dresses, so I don't feel bad at all about spending the money (very little hubby!!!) on these beauties. I mean they're classics, don't you agree?

^And remember in my last post when I said I needed to add some pink to my wardrobe? Well, here's a start. As you see this item too was a necessity, so guilt-free also.

^This was the only item that didn't work out so well. I love the idea of it, but all the frills seem to add too much to my hips. I'll have to model it to the hubby and see what he has to say. I can always count on his honesty...that is if I can grab his interest to look at clothing first LOL. Oh, and it seems I probably bought the last one cause I can't even get a bigger pic as it's no longer available...

Now I want your opinions PLLEEEEASE!! Whatever they may be. mims


LINA ;-) said...

Cute clothes :-) Haha, norwegian isnt exactly the easiest language to understand if youre not familiar with it :-p

If I get more foreign reader, I might start wright in english as well :-)

And, I love FashionToast's blog! She's lots of inspiration.

Anonymous said...

yaaaay I found your blog, I love it. I really wanted that white dress you bought but they won't sell any sizes besides xs to Canada:( meanies haha but I can't wait to see what they look like!!

Ragamala said...

wow, you managed to find some great stuff there!
I've never been as lucky!