Monday, May 19, 2008

My latest obsession

I may be a little old to be wearing a "playsuit" or "romper", but I really want one, what can I do?! Maybe I'd just wear it around the house, or to the beach, but if I find one...I'm getting it! :)
I owned one when I was around 9, and I remember they weren't too comfortable when I sat down (if you know what I mean hehe), so I would try to get one that slouched a bit.
I currently have an ebay search going for the new rogan romper at target - wish me luck!!
These black rompers/playsuits are divine:


fashion* CHALET said...

Me too, I find them so cute. Sienna really inspires the look as well. :)

One Sweet Day said...

forever 21 had a cute black one I tried on today, and it has a very similar feel to the one sienna miller is wearing. Less than $30.