Monday, September 1, 2008

Animal print legs

^Cafe Mode


^Am Lul


^Unknown source


Lena said...

Thank you for a lovely comment! I wish that you have a nice weekend too!

Do you know where to get tights like that by the way? It has been my dream to get a pair after I saw Gala in hers. She looks perfect here!

Richel said...

i want tights!!!!!

thanks for the inspiration. i never thought that i would want leopard in my wardrobe?

Mimi said...

Lena: I've seen animal print leggings at Forever21...haven't seen any tights though :(
I just saw some on ebay right now!

♥ fashion chalet said...

This look is fun, not sure I could pull it off though....

Thanks for the comment!! <3

Maria said...

I want everything that gala wears, hah :D

Danz said...

Yeah, they look awesome on these girls but I don't even want to think about how awful they'd look on me! I don't even wear normal black leggings so these would be out of the question.

Thanks very much for your lovely comment sweetie. Wanna trade links? Have a great weekend!

Ida said...

That's a really fun, bold look. I wish I was brave enough to sport tights like that but you never know... I might be:))

Thank you for always being the sweetest, Mimi, darling!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Maria said...

And I just love the girl in the pool. Gorgeous.