Saturday, September 13, 2008

Exposed zipper in front


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Siri said...

amandas skjørt var nydelig

Lena said...

^I don't know why everybody writes to you in Norwegian but she ment: Amandas skirt is beautiful

:P Hoho! I think all these Norwegians are pretty cute in a way though writing all in Norwegian.

Thank you for the feauture once again Mimi! You're truly an angel making an effort on creating posts about other bloggers and stylish people. I find all these posts very inspiring!

emily said...

I STILL NEED A ZIPPER SKIRT. ahh, i can't find one anywhere and i'm too lazy/unskilled to make one myself.


love zipper skirts !

Maria said...

Zippers are such a great detail!

bear said...

i am in NEED of an exposed zipper skirt!!

Runaway said...

oh my god i want one now

Mimi said...

I want one so bad :(

ingunn said...

love it