Monday, September 22, 2008

Motorcycle leather jacket

Here are some great outfits that incorporate the motorcycle jacket. Mind you, I had to significantly limit my photos as it seems every single one of you own one. Do you?

^Fashion Toast

^Super Fantastic Picture Time

^Style Sightings

^Stadium (can't find the link)



^Lisa Place


^Linn as captured by Stockholm Streetstyle

^High on Life

^Gillo Filippa

^Fashion Girl

^Fashion Flash

^That's just my vibe

^Emma Nygren as captured by Stockholm Streetstyle



^Traina as captured by Garance Dore

^Copenhagen Streetstyle

^Cafe Mode



^Stockholm Streetstyle

^Unknown sources :(

I don't yet own one, but I just got this knit version from Forever 21 that will do the trick (for now at least hehe):


Sallie said...

Oh, thanks a lot for mentioning me in this post with all these great bloggers. I'm so grateful :) You have a great blog. Thanks so much! :D

Lena said...

Now I CAN'T wait to get mineeee!! How stupid that i had to wait like 3 weeks and now one week more for that jacket :P

R.M. said...

ZARA has one, I think it's a little under $200. I don't own on (YET!) *hehe* but I'm a tiny girl, so it's difficult to find jackets to fit me.

As for the Louis chair...oh my goodness... there is a shop by my house that I have to drive by everyday and the chair just CALLS to me "Buy me Rodellee!" then I go home and sit in my crappy office chair. *sigh*

Mimi said...

I love biker jackets and really want a nice one but yet I didn't bough one. Anyway I put my eyes on 3 :D

Belowen said...

I don't own one... But am inspired to look into one for the next time A/W comes around for me! Great picture choices!

Nina said...

i don't own one, either...wait, i do own several but don't wear them cuz i'm not happy w/them. haha so i'm still on the hunt for them. great compilation of photos and different styles - def. good inspiration.

thank u for visiting my site! :) would u like to swap links?

Nina said...

thank you! i just linked u, too! :)

M* said...

I coudn't live without my leather jacket!

Jenn said...

This is a great post with great inspiration! I don't own one yet but have my eye on a few different ones. lol I need to decide and purchase asap!

agnes said...

Ohh. i seriously need to get a leather jacket.. it looks soo effortlessly cool!

Siljesfashion said...

Love it!! Need a black one so bad..

Assassin said...

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