Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When bloggers meet

So something funny happened to me this morning while on my way to work: I saw a fellow blogger!!! I've seen many examples of bloggers meeting (see pictures below) ...and mine wasn't an actual meeting, since I just kept on walking and she didn't even notice me..., but it was quite a unique and interesting situation for me.

^Rumi and Lulu

^Lulu and Camille

^Camille and Laurel

^Kristina and Lina

^Kirsty and Molly

^Taghrid and Lucrecia

^Betty and Tokyobanhbao

^Carolina and Emma

Have you ever met/crossed paths with another blogger? If so, what happened?

PS - I "met" Jessie77


Raych said...

Rumi and I planned on getting lunch when she was down. Never happend. Same with Laurel!

Anyways, you have a great blog! I love that you use really bloggers as your source of the blog and as inspiration.

Fruchtzwerg said...

I have met once before the_kitten from Picked Pics but we were both in a hurry so we couldn't stop for a short chitchat and coffee. Though a very short smalltalk she left a positively impression at me and I'm sure we will meet someday for a longer chat.

Belowen said...

Camille is a blogging superstar, seriously! lol. I've never crossed paths with a fellow blogger, but the world is a small place, so never say never!

saray said...

i met 2 bloggers.. one in Israel and the other one in NY - it was sooo much fun! i felt like we were BFF.. i'd love to meet more bloggers.

Mimi said...

Thanks for leaving comments ladies!

Fruchtzwerg: now that you mention it I remember reading about that encounter...in the_kitten's blog I think...where she mentioned you are even more beautiful in person, right? :)

I would be honoured to meet any one of you if ever you're in Toronto, Canada <333

Fruchtzwerg said...

@mimi: the_kitten is a quite nice person and I'm not daring to say that I'm beautiful but I think I'm not a bad looking person at all :)

Gala said...

thanks! but who did you meet???

Mimi said...

Ok, I'll dish: I "met" Jessie77 from http://ourdelusionalmind.blogspot.com/

Nina said...

i've never met another blogger...but since i'm in LA i think it's more that i haven't come across their blogs cuz it seems EVERYBODY has one.

and i amd SO FLATTERED you posted a pic of me in your bleached jeans entry. thank you so much...i really am super flattered! :)

btw, i linked u so i won't miss a generous shout out from u! ;)

Anonymous said...

we had a blogger excursion here in vancouver!! check it out --> http://cupofstyle.wordpress.com/2008/09/08/van-blogger-expedition/

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