Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I was tagged by Belowen. The purpose of the tag is to post a song that accurately represents my personality and style.

Believe it or not I thought it would take me much longer to come up with an appropriate song/video. This one seemed to throw itself in front of me at the perfect time: I was watching my daily "novela" (brazilian soap opera) and this song was part of the soundtrack...I looked it up on YouTube, and fell in love with the decor in addition to the song itself. Hope you like it!

I will now tag Elenita, Rodellee, Maria and YOU!


lena said...

How fun! I will do it the next time I'm all out of things to write about. Probably one of the next four days as I'm having the days off. ;D

Nakia said...

I absolutely love this video, especially the ending! reagina Spektor is one of my favourites>

I really like your blog, I'm linking!
link and comment mine?

R.M. said...

I adore Regina Spektor! One of my absolute favorite songs of hers is "Us"

Thanks for tagging!


i love anything hyper-stylized like this

great find


Anonymous said...

The video was sweet, just like your blog!

Btw, it's the first time I visit your blog and i really like it so I was wondering if we could link each other? :-D That would be great!


Belowen said...

Amazing choice! I hope things are well with you darling! <33 How is your job going??