Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When bloggers meet

So something funny happened to me this morning while on my way to work: I saw a fellow blogger!!! I've seen many examples of bloggers meeting (see pictures below) ...and mine wasn't an actual meeting, since I just kept on walking and she didn't even notice me..., but it was quite a unique and interesting situation for me.

^Rumi and Lulu

^Lulu and Camille

^Camille and Laurel

^Kristina and Lina

^Kirsty and Molly

^Taghrid and Lucrecia

^Betty and Tokyobanhbao

^Carolina and Emma

Have you ever met/crossed paths with another blogger? If so, what happened?

PS - I "met" Jessie77

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bleached Jeans

^Karen Walker's F/W 2008 Collection

^Kate Moss

^That's just my vibe

^Femme Rationale

^Punky Style

^On the corner

^Hoy Fashion

^Childhood Flames

I just don't see myself actually wearing bleached jeans...do you?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Motorcycle leather jacket

Here are some great outfits that incorporate the motorcycle jacket. Mind you, I had to significantly limit my photos as it seems every single one of you own one. Do you?

^Fashion Toast

^Super Fantastic Picture Time

^Style Sightings

^Stadium (can't find the link)



^Lisa Place


^Linn as captured by Stockholm Streetstyle

^High on Life

^Gillo Filippa

^Fashion Girl

^Fashion Flash

^That's just my vibe

^Emma Nygren as captured by Stockholm Streetstyle



^Traina as captured by Garance Dore

^Copenhagen Streetstyle

^Cafe Mode



^Stockholm Streetstyle

^Unknown sources :(

I don't yet own one, but I just got this knit version from Forever 21 that will do the trick (for now at least hehe):