Thursday, September 18, 2008

(Faux) Fur vests and such

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Last minute addition (who is this girl???):

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Siljesfashion said...

Thank you for including me! I love my fake fur vest, its so versatile.


thank you very much mimi

i am in london and come back to paris next tuesday
i have no internet at disposal so we'll chat later

congratulation for your blog and talent and your taste

no probleme for the photos
i just ask for a link (as i noticed it in my blog)
write my link in your blog roll like in google : STYLE AND THE CITY - PARIS

i just post new pics and will post hundreds next week from my london fashion week



josephine said...

thank u :)
i just love my vest!
have a nice day!

ingunn said...

linn is great!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Gorgeous in fur!! :)
Lovely as can be.....

Thanks for the warm B'day wishes & comments, sweetie!! :)

xo/ fashion chalet

M* said...

You're so sweet Mimi! Yes, you're right: pregnancy is a miracle! I can't be happier!
Your blog is really interesting, I will visit you very often.


Wendy said...

I've been craving for a faux fur cape.

EMMA said...

hi Mimi,

I love your blog!
Everytime it's a great selection. keep up the good work!

xx emma

Lena said...

I really want a faux fur vest myself. I think I want it in black or something.. Shocking! :P

Belowen said...

Mr B is not yet aware of the new shoes... lol. He will be soon enough though - but his shoes are so expensive, he can't judge me! lol.

I can't believe how much I spend on lunch at work, honestly. It's madness!!!!!

I must have dicipline from now on! lol.

Alice Point said...

Yeah, fur are very trendy. I want fur vest too:)


oo lala i love fur

thestylestalker said...

The girl in question is Ida Pyk from Swedish Elle. I shot both of the photos of her.

Eddie from Stylesightings

Mimi said...

Thanks for clarifying thestylestalker ...and for dropping by!

Thanks to everyone for commenting - I love reading each and every one <333

Tanne Hellesoe said...

i really like ur blog! im following u now! plz check my blog out