Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I want that hat!

Not everyone looks good in a hat...I've always heard that, and thought it to be true. So can anyone tell me how come all the examples I found look stunning? I really want a straw fedora hat - I know it's very trendy, and I probably wouldn't get much use out of it, but sometimes it's enough for me to just own something (WOW that sounds so bad, but it's my reality...I have more than a couple of items that I've bought and have never worn, but feel great just looking at them). I'm definitely a consumer!!!

So here are some of the girls responsible for my NEED for a straw fedora hat:

And these are only a "few" of those responsible...YOU may also be to blame my friend, so don't look all innocent!!! Tell me the truth now: do you own one? Have you posted one in your blog? If so, then I think it's your responsibility to pitch in to buy me one :)

Have a great day!!!


Shen-Shen said...

They look fab in all these pictures, but I'm hesitant as to how they would look on me.. I think if I had one it would grow on me though!

Fashion Is Poison said...

ah the fedora epidemic. i think i may have it, too. i found some good ones at target. check it out!

Mimi said...

Unfortunately we don't have target in Canada :(

Times of Glory said...

I haven't been thinking about the hat recently, since there are quite a lot of things I want. However, when you mention it, it just brings this back to my top wish list, dear!

They look superb in the hat xx

Ida said...

No, I don't have one. I used to be obsessed with hats for a year, and then I suddenly got so bored I put them all in a pile, and they are still just staying there.
I know that Brad Pitt never goes out without his fedora, though, and it is kinda weird to me.
Good luck finding a good one, Mimi!

Siljesfashion said...

Just got one at H&M!!

Belowen said...

I don't have one, I don't think it really suits my style, but I do appreciate the look on those with a more indie vibe to their outfits! <33

CRISTA said...

Great pictures!! I definitely need one like these. I've got an all black one .. but I need this one too!!!!

*FLORA'S BOX Editor Marie-Thérèse said...

hej mimi!
h&m indeed has one in the divided section. as well a good hint is searing for it in the h&m men's section. they usually have them in several color combinations too. if too big just adjust the hat with a hat/headband that you tuck inside the hat's band.
good luck!
sunny greets
*FLORA'S BOX Editor Marie-Thérèse


The Glossy Editor said...

Mimi - it's my responsibility to tell you I just bought one at The Bay (mens department) for $25! Go! Now! OK - stores are closed today....tomorrow.