Monday, June 16, 2008

Isn't she lovely?

Want to help someone realize a dream with a mere click?
It's simple, and totally worthwhile!!!

Her name is Laurel Stovall, and she's a sweetheart, a fellow blogger (check her blog out here), and a gorgeous specimen of a girl!
She's competing in the V Magazine model search, and deserves to win! I'm doing my part by voting every 24 hours, now it's time you help out - just go here and vote! Vote from home, vote from work, vote from school, vote.... get my point? hehe


Laurel said...

Mimi!!!! Thank youuuu!! You are so incredible for putting the effort in for me, I lovelovelove yous! The contest got moved back until August 1, for some reason (it was July 16) - I guess it's a good thing! Thanks again, pretty! xoxo


she's a sweetheart & an online friend. hope she wins! xx

Jillian said...