Monday, June 9, 2008

Rolled up pants

I personally haven't tried this look (yet). Have you?


^Punky B




^Engla's Showroom


^Karla's Closet

^Stockholm Streetstyle



^Garance Dore



Times of Glory said...

Thank you so much for your comment and adding me! I've also added you in!

Yes, I love this effortlessly chic look a lot! It gives a bit quirkiness to the musculine trousers!

That Girl said...

I love this look, ill have to figure out how i can execute it!


Anonymous said...

love this look, but only on other, much skinnier people...

twiggy. said...

I just adore Modefeber those are the best Ive seen.

Im from the UK do you know anywhere currently selling these as I am unable to find any :[

Love your blogspot

twiggy x

runway today said...

I like some of the looks!

Terren said...

hello fellow libra! this is a great collection of photos.