Monday, June 2, 2008

Heart Sunglasses

I think heart sunglasses are really cute! But I'm sure most of you will agree that they're definitely for a younger audience, no? Or are they also for the young at heart? Can you picture your mom wearing them? LOL I'd love to see some pictures of blogger moms wearing these sunglasses!!

Here are some gorgeous ladies who wear these sunglasses marvelously:

^Emma Nygren

^Fashion Toast

^Amanda Berg


^Fashion Junkie


fashion* CHALET said...

You're right heart shades are very cute. Where are they sold?

Mimi said...

I think places like Forever21 and Topshop have/had them.

pammish said...

i actually love them though i havent found any that suits my face structure still :) theyre so lovely!

Jenny H. said...

i have a pair of pink heart sunglasses.
and i loveee them.
they add such a fun element to an outfit.

NewlyInspired said...

I'm craving these as welL!!!