Friday, June 6, 2008

What I'm wearing today

The weather is crazy hot today! How hot is it, you ask? About 30 degrees! Great news, right? Not so baby girl has been sick, and was getting better, but took a turn for the worse yesterday with 39 degree fever, a cough and an ear infection (poor baby!!) so I'm not even stepping outside today. I'm just going to pamper her all day, and let her do whatever she wants (except for touching the inside of the toilet, putting garbage in her know what I mean).

So I'm wearing something simple and practical:

Men's Fruit of the Loom white v-neck tee
H&M jean vest
Earnest Sewn skinny black jeans

(I hope she gets all better real soon so we can hopefully enjoy some of the weekend outdoors with family and friends.)


Jenny H. said...

i linked you!

Belowen said...

Is your baby girl feeling better? I hope so!! xxx